Book Review: The Bible

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The Bible is yet another book by Trent Horn that I read for the 20 Answers Challenge. The booklet “offers a truly Catholic perspective on Scripture…It also takes on challenges from skeptics…”

This is yet another great resource for Catholic apologetics. Horn addressed a wide span of topics including what actually comprises the Bible, how Scripture should be interpreted, why Scripture can be trusted, and some of the “uncomfortable” sections found in Scripture. In addition to being well-written and full of support, one of the things I really appreciated about this booklet was several of the questions themselves. As a Catholic, some of the questions he asked seemed unusual or didn’t make sense based on what I know about the Bible, but they are questions that I have heard from critics. By using questions a Catholic may hear from a critic, the book becomes a more effective apologetics tool. I would highly recommend this booklet to any Christian because it has information useful to any follower of Christ, but also does a good job addressing some common complaints non-Catholics have about Catholic interpretation of Scripture.

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