Christian Book Reviews

I love reading, and I decided to share my thoughts on the ones I’ve read since starting this blog. Some of these books I have received in exchange for a review (marked with an asterisk), but many of them are books I picked out myself. Regardless of how I obtained my books, I make sure to give an honest review from a Catholic perspective.

There are both positive and negative reviews on this page.

Holy Role Models

The Mother of the Little Flower by Celine Martin


Salvation by Jimmy Akin

Death & Judgment by Trent Horn

God by Trent Horn

The Real Jesus by Trent Horn

Christ among other gods by Erwin W. Lutzer*

Christian Living

The Silent Death of Depression by Jasmine Bennett*

Book Review: Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted by Ron Citlau*

Full by Asheritah Ciuciu*