20 Answers Challenge Final Reflection

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I officially completed the 20 Answers Challenge yesterday!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge, and I am going to talk about the last four books I read and share my thoughts on the challenge as a whole.

Last Books

The last four books I read were Divorce & Remarriage by Trent Horn, Faith & Science by Trent Horn, Abortion by Trent Horn, and End of Life Issues by Jason Negri. I grouped these books together as social issues. I think reading these books was a great way to conclude the challenge, and each book was an enjoyable read.

Divorce & Remarriage has a pretty self-explanatory title. I thought it provided a lot of important information for a complicated topic. However, due to the complexity of this topic, there were some points that could’ve been improved. Overall, it was still very good.

Faith & Science made this engineer very happy. It discussed a variety of aspects related to the relationship between faith and science. It shows how the two can complement each other and addressed some misconceptions.

Abortion is a primarily secular perspective on why abortion is morally wrong and should be illegal. Horn takes on some of the tough questions as well as the more practical matters. Though I think Persuasive Pro-life  (Kindle version here) is better, I still felt that this was a great quick guide.

End of Life Issues discusses euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. He compassionately yet clearly addresses these complex issues, primarily from a secular perspective. I really liked this book.


Overall Thoughts

As I mentioned in my first post, I am not associated with Catholic Answers in any way. I just participated in this challenge because I was looking for ways to grow in my faith. I honestly enjoyed reading the books. Though I struggled at times to keep up due to health issues, I thought it was cool to be so intentional about reading apologetic books.

I would recommend people consider taking this challenge, but spreading it over a longer period of time. I am a huge bookworm and can get through books fairly quickly, I do this there is a benefit to slowing down.

Overall, I liked the order I read them, too. There are a few books I would’ve shifted around, but I liked organizing them categorically.

Favorite Books

Though I think all the books in this series are worth reading, I know it isn’t possible for everyone to purchase each book. Instead, I’ll share my three favorite books from this series.

Atheism by Matt Fradd is my favorite book from this series. It was humorous, entertaining, and informative.

Mary by Tim Staples was a great, easy resource to learn about Mary. I loved that it was written by a former Fundamentalist which provided unique insight.

Faith and Science by Trent Horn combined two of my favorite topics in an intelligent and accessible way. I loved reading this book.

Book Reviews

Though I have finished all the books and written reviews, I am spacing out the publishing. I post one book review per week. Most of them are the 20 Answers book reviews, but I will add a few others in the mix. The published reviews are below, but if you’d like to know my opinion on a book I haven’t reviewed yet, please feel free to reach out to me via kate@stumblingtowardsainthood.com.

Salvation by Jimmy Akin

Islam by Andrew Bieszad

The Papacy by Jim Blackburn

Scripture and Tradition by Jim Blackburn

Miracles by Karlo Broussard

Angels & Demons by Fr. Mike Driscoll

The Sacraments by Fr. Mike Driscoll

Atheism by Matt Fradd

The Bible by Trent Horn

Death & Judgment by Trent Horn

God by Trent Horn

Jehovah’s Witnesses by Trent Horn

The Eucharist by Trent Horn

The Real Jesus by Trent Horn

Mary by Tim Staples


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Did anyone else participate in the 20 Answers Challenge?

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