Book Review: Abortion

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Abortion by Trent Horn claims to “deepen your understanding of this critical moral issue and give you the knowledge you need to explain it to others.”

Trent Horn is one of the best pro-life apologists, and this book is no exception. There were a lot of great things about this book. Horn addressed a number of different topics and didn’t shy away from the really difficult ones. He took the time to clearly define what he was talking about to avoid confusion. Though this is one of the books from the Catholic Answers 20 Answers Series, the majority of the book does not discuss religious arguments against abortion, clearly demonstrating that abortion is a violation of human rights, not just a religious concern.

One of the things that really stood out to me was that he provided actionable items at the end for supporting a friend considering abortion, a friend who has had an abortion, and the pro-life movement.The one criticism I have isn’t so much a criticism as a comment. I have read Horn’s Persuasive Pro-life, and something he really made sure to emphasize is that the focus needs to be if it is ever ok to kill an innocent person and establishing that the unborn are people, too. Though some of his answers in Abortion touched on that, I think having the context of Persuasive Pro-life made it clearer.

I highly recommend this booklet to anyone in the pro-life movement or who wants to understand what the pro-life movement actually stands for.

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