Book Review: Angels & Demons

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Angels & Demons was written by Fr. Mike Driscoll.

This is yet another solid addition to the 20 Answers Collection (yes, I am finally sharing the book reviews I wrote back in the spring). Fr. Driscoll presents clear and straightforward explanations about angels and demons. Though this entire booklet was well-written, there were two aspects that really stood out to me. The first is that he did a very good job of distinguishing between the reality of demons and human perception. The clarity he provides to this topic helps readers understand how demons can manipulate people like psychics while also showing the limitations to demonic power. The second was how he presented the topic. While it discussing this topic is important, we also must be cautious to present it in such a way that it doesn’t encourage an unhealthy interest (or obsession) with it. Fr. Driscoll did this successfully while still keeping the topic engaging. My only criticism is that the book was much more focused on demons than angels. I think it would’ve been more appropriate to have one book on angels and another on demons. That being said, it was still a very good book. I would recommend this book to anyone (even non-Christians) who are interested in the topic of angels and demons. I think this book would also be beneficial to people who are caught up in minor things in the occult like seeing a psychic or using tarot cards. Someone deep in the occult may scoff at this book, but someone who sees those things as harmless would do well to understand the evils behind them.

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