Book Review: Death & Judgment

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This is one of the books from the 20 Answers Challenge

We come back to a book written by Trent Horn, Death & Judgment.  The booklet explores “the last things that await us, including purgatory, heaven and hell, and the resurrection of our bodies, as well as the end times and renewal of all creation.”

Horn did a great job exploring the topics and supporting his arguments with numerous Scriptural references and by incorporating the wisdom of theologians. What I enjoyed about this booklet was it began by answering seemingly simple answers that challenged the reader to think on a deeper level. As the book progressed, he added in questions that I wouldn’t have even thought to ask. I also appreciated that he addressed (and ultimately dismissed) different ideas about the afterlife, including both non-Christian beliefs and non-Catholic Christian beliefs. I felt like I was given an abundance of knowledge in a short book, but the way it was described was done so well, I didn’t feel overwhelmed. One of my favorite parts of the book was the “Prayer for a Happy Death” on the last page. I would definitely recommend this book to any Catholic who wants to better understand Catholic teaching on life after death. I would also recommend it to a non-Catholic Christian but would encourage them to start with Jimmy Akin’s book Salvation (my review is here) as I believe it provides some good groundwork for the more complex topics in this booklet.

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