Book Review: End of Life Issues

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End of Life Issues by Jason Negri “unravels the controversies and confusions surrounding euthanasia, assisted suicide, and the rights of patients in our uncertain health care future.”

This was an excellent read. Negri expertly and compassionately explores the issues of medical care at the end of one’s life. Like Abortion by Trent Horn (my review here), though this is a part of the 20 Answers Series, Negri focuses on secular arguments. Negri provides clarity to these complicated issues while also emphasizing the dignity of every human life. He even provides advice for those who want to make sure their end of life wishes are respected.

My one criticism is a small one: he seems a little skeptical of medical professionals. Perhaps it is my own naivety, but it seemed a little odd to me. However, this criticism is minor, and I loved the book otherwise.

I highly recommend everyone read this book because this issue is becoming more prevalent; it would be especially beneficial to those who are responsible for an elderly family member or those who want to be informed should this issue make the ballot.

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