Book Review: Miracles

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Miracles by Karlo Broussard “unpacks the nature of miracles, examines their appearances in Scripture and history, explains how the Church evaluates them and offers ways to answer doubters who say they’re mere superstition.” This is another book from the 20 Answers Challenge from Catholic Answers.

I know I’ve said this for pretty much every book I’ve reviewed from the Catholic Answers series, but Miracles is a great book. Broussard expertly addresses a number of concerns while supporting his points heavily with Scripture and logic. What I really enjoyed about this booklet was the emphasis on viewing miracles critically and the differentiation between miracles and marvelous works. I also appreciated that a variety of miracles were explored from the ones in Scripture to Eucharistic miracles and healing miracles. This provides the reader with a solid overview of miracles. My one criticism is that the discussion of the Resurrection was addressed in another book in the 20 Answers series, but 19/20 questions with unique, high-quality content outweighs that. I would confidently recommend this book to any Christian. I think non-believers could also benefit from reading this book, especially as some of their potential criticisms are addressed in it, but I think there are some points that would’ve needed more depth than this booklet was designed to give. However, this is an excellent introduction to the topic.

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