Book Review: Mother Mary

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I’ve been wanting to learn more about Mary, so I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to review Mother Mary: Inspiring Words from Pope Francis. This book is a collection of words from Pope Francis with sources like his homilies and tweets.

This was a fantastic book. Almost every passage was only a page long making it a quick, yet meaningful read. The content selection was excellent, and I really enjoyed how the book was broken into different themes. Each passage also listed the source so it was easy to locate the source. I think the tweets were a nice addition for quick takes. I feel that this book could be used in a number of ways from a devotional to an informative book. I also believe that it has great re-read value.

My only criticism is that there were a few passages that seemed like they were included just because they mentioned Mary but weren’t actually about her. These were such a small number compared to the rest of the passages, though.

I would enthusiastically recommend this to anyone who wants to grow closer to the Blessed Mother or just simply learn more about her.


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