Book Review: The Sacraments

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The Sacraments by Fr. Mike Driscoll “explains the mysteries of these powerful gifts from God, defends the Catholic understanding and administration of them, and shows how to receive them with the disposition needed to make the most of their effects.

Overall, this booklet was a good collection of information regarding the Sacraments and explaining them from a Catholic understanding. There were some points in the book that weren’t directly about the sacraments, but they made sense in the context of the overall booklet, especially in regards to how they affect our life as Catholics. I didn’t enjoy Fr. Driscoll’s writing style as much as the other authors who write for the 20 Answers series. I felt like it was more of an explanation for someone who was in a Catholic formation program whereas the other books felt more like defenses in addition to the explanations. That being said, I think this is a solid resource for Catholics who want to have an overview of the sacraments. I think it could potentially be useful for non-Catholics, but I think they would need more background on Catholicism in general for certain aspects to make sense.

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