Book Review: The Papacy

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The Papacy by Jim Blackburn “explains how the papacy is not only biblical and historical but essential for preserving Christian unity of belief.”

Each question in this booklet is answered solidly by Blackburn with support from a number of sources including both Scripture and writings throughout Church history. Despite using a lot of quotes, I felt this book read smoother than Death & Judgement. Not only did Blackburn effectively answer the questions with abundant evidence, but he kept it interesting and engaging. My only criticism is that one of the questions referenced another question with the word “below” when it was actually addressed a few pages over. This is such a minor detail, and I doubt most people would catch it otherwise. This is probably my favorite book in the 20 Answers Series that I’ve read so far. It is a must-read for all Christians. Catholics would benefit from getting clear support laid out for the papacy, and Christians who do not recognize the authority of the Magisterium would benefit from learning both the support for and importance of the papacy.

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