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These are some of my favorite resources to help you learn about and grow in the Catholic Faith. If you have recommendations, please send them to me so I can check them out and add them.


Relevant Radio: a network of radio stations that is talk radio about Catholic life. They discuss current events, the culture, and faith issues all through a Catholic lens.

Hearts and Minds: a podcast that talks about issues in our culture from a Catholic perspective.  You can listen to old episodes of the podcast, but it has ended.

Trending with Don and Timmerie: another podcast that stems from Heart and Minds and the Don Johnson show. It talks about engaging the culture in light of the truth revealed to us from the Catholic faith.

Among the Lilies: a podcast hosted by Cameron Fradd. She and her awesome guests talk about being a real woman while living the Catholic faith.

Letters to Women: Exploring the Feminine Genius: a podcast hosted by Chloe Langr. Chloe invites a guest each week to share how her life reflects the feminine genius.

Catholic Stuff You Should Know: a podcast by some awesome priests who talk about Catholic stuff. I really can’t get more specific than that because they talk about everything from obscure Catholic facts to doctrine with lots of entertaining banter.

Catholic Answers Live: a podcast with the live recordings from the Catholic Answers talk show. You can also listen to the episodes live on the radio, over Facebook, or through Periscope.

Websites/ Apps a website for finding times for adoration, confession, and Mass.

Catechism of the Catholic Church: a web page on the Vatican website. You can access the entire CCC on the website. While you can sort through the table of contents, I actually find it easier to just use search terms in Google that contain “Catechism of the Catholic Church” and the topic. It is an easy way to have a definitive statement on Catholic beliefs.

Catholic Answers: a website with a number of apologetics topics. I recommend sticking to the content from the apologists, but the forums can provide some interesting insight as well.

Blessed is She: a website for Catholic women. It has resources, daily devotions, and Facebook groups. It is a fantastic community for Catholic women!

Laudate: an app with a number of Catholic resources. It has daily readings, prayers, the Catechism, reflections, an interactive rosary, and examination of conscience, and more.

Relevant Radio App: an app that has a stream, prayer resources, podcasts, and more.

HabitBull: an app that allows you to track habits. I’m including this because I have found it helpful in striving towards certain spiritual goals like morning prayer, going to confession once in a certain time span, and more. Even the free version is very useful.

Books and Blogs

You can read my book reviews here.

These are some blogs I enjoy reading.

FemCatholic: a blog where Catholic women may “learn, grow and struggle with their Catholic faith.” This is a newer blog, but they have some great content and it is a much-needed website. They’re also on Facebook.

Catholic Engineers: a blog from the perspective of a devout Catholic who works as an engineer. There is a lot about science and faith, but other topics are also discussed. They’re also on Facebook.

Timmerie: a blog by Catholic speaker Timmerie Millington.

The Counsel of Trent of Trent: a blog for Catholic apologist Trent Horn.

Simcha Fisher: a blog with a hilarious take on the Catholic faith. She writes about a variety of topics, but her sense of humor and honesty is fantastic.

Pro-Life Wisconsin’s Blog: a blog about pro-life issues; it isn’t just limited to abortion.

Natalia Drumm: a Christian blog encouraging women to be rooted in Jesus.

Unfading Beauty Ministries: a Christian blog helping women understand true beauty from a Biblical perspective.

Robinality: a blog that shares experiences and encourages the growth of Christian women.

Nuggets from the Heart: a Christian woman’s blog providing encouragement with a Southern flair.

Kimberly Banks: Finding Your True Identity in Christ: a Christian blog from an introvert who has bold faith.

Inspirational Living: a blog where a Christian woman writes about overcoming the struggles in her life and shows how wonderful life can be when a person follows Jesus.

Catholic Milestones Rosaries: a Catholic blog stemmed off from a family’s rosary-making business.

Restoration 2017: a Christian, weekly devotional blog based on a single Bible verse.



Abby Johnson

Rehumanize International

Students for Life of America


Eye of the Tiber: Catholic satire

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Tomics: punny Catholic humor

Thy Geekdom Come: a geeky page for Catholics