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The Other Side

On paper, our friendship seems fairly improbable. They are queer witches. I’m a Catholic who fully embraces Church teaching. There are obvious differences in what we believe, and several of our beliefs and identities would put us at odds with each other. After spending hours talking with them during a visit, my heart was so …

Chicago March for Life 2017

love them both protest sign at Chicago March for Life

What would compel someone to take an eight hour round trip on a bus to spend two hours outside in a Chicago winter to walk only a couple of blocks? The answer: to defend life at every stage in a culture that actively dehumanizes several vulnerable populations and denies the right of life to many. …

Can You Be a Catholic and a Feminist?


Can you be both faithful to the Catholic Church and be a feminist?

If you look at the literal meaning of feminism, then the answer is emphatically yes, but when you look at the modern feminist movement, that confident “yes” turns into a blur of uncertainty and conflicting perspectives.