Book Review: Salvation by Jimmy Akin

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Salvation was written by a former Protestant, Jimmy Akin.  The booklet says it will share “the beautiful story of how God calls us out of sin, justifies us, makes us holy, and leads us to everlasting life with him.”

Akin does a great job addressing questions on a complex topic in a very accessible way. He starts by discussing the basics in a way Protestants and Catholics alike can appreciate. He then gets into more Catholic beliefs but uses his knowledge of Protestantism to clarify the differences. He does so in a very ecumenical way. I felt the tone of the book was conversational while also providing valuable information. I enjoyed how Akin developed the topic of the book and feel this is a great resource when discussing the basics of salvation. Like the other Catholic Answers books I’ve read to date, I happily recommend this book to Catholics, but I also feel it would be a great resource to our Protestant brothers and sisters.

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