Book Review: Atheism

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Atheism was written by Matt Fradd. The booklet strives to “help you understand the main arguments for and against God’s existence and give you the knowledge you need to explain to others the reasonableness of belief.

This is hands down my favorite book from the 20 Answers series to date. While all the booklets are engaging, Fradd added some humor that made the booklet even better. His responses were straightforward and spanned a variety of topics from science to philosophy to morality. What I appreciated about his book was he acknowledged there were some limitations because it was intended to be a short book, but he offered recommendations on where the reader could find more information. Though there were some Christian-specific points, I think the majority of the book would be a useful resource for any believer in God. I also think that agnostics who are seeking rational answers would benefit from this.

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