Book Review: Islam

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Islam was written by Andrew Bieszad who “has a master’s degree in Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim relations.” The booklet “looks inside the religion of Mohammad to reveal what its own theological authorities teach, cutting through the ignorance and wishful thinking that are too common in our culture to spell out Islam’s challenges to the Christian West.”

I was very impressed by this booklet. Bieszad clearly laid out some of Islam’s main teachings by drawing from their own religious sources. He dismisses their flawed theology by comparing it to Christianity and pointing out logical inconsistencies in their faith. As would be expected due to the nature of this booklet, it is biased towards Christianity, but rather than blind accusations, there are well-justified arguments revealing the truth of Christianity. In addition to answering questions about Islam, Bieszad also talks about how to charitably disagree and effectively communicate with Muslim apologists while recognizing the limitations. I recommend that anyone who isn’t Muslim read this book. It isn’t just beneficial for Christians; it also intelligently addresses some misconceptions non-Christians have about Islam.

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