Book Review: The Real Jesus by Trent Horn

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This Lent and Easter Season, I took on the Catholic Answers 20 Answers Challenge. As I mentioned in my original post, I was recommending it without reading the books. I felt it was only fair to share my thoughts on the books as I read them (and amend my recommendation if necessary). 

The Real Jesus was also written by Catholic apologist Trent Horn.  The booklet says it will take “on the claims of modern skeptics about Jesus’ life, his teaching, and his legacy, providing compelling evidence that the “historical Jesus” and the “Christ of faith” are one and the same.”

Horn does an excellent job responding to the questions in an intelligent and compelling way. He starts the booklet by establishing that Jesus wasn’t just a myth and guides the reader along the path to understanding that Jesus is who He and His followers said He was. Horn supplies historical evidence, Scriptural support, and logical thought progressions to explore the accuracy of the identity of Christ. I appreciated that he used arguments from people who opposed the Church or denied Jesus’ divinity to support his points. It provided a unique perspective rather than just listing purely supportive points. I also respected that he addressed the limitations to some of his points, but provided reasoning that the reader could come to understand his point as the most likely explanation. There was a little crossover between this and God, but that is to be expected, and there was so much unique content around it that I’m not sure I would have even noticed it if I hadn’t read the two back-to-back. I really, really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who is curious about who Jesus really is.

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