Calling All Christians: I Want to Hear Your Thoughts

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The Short Version

I’m doing a survey to collect the thoughts of Christians from a variety of different backgrounds to better understand their beliefs regarding faith and works. I explain my reasons and the survey itself below.

Why I’m Doing This

If we are going to overcome the attacks on Christianity, we need to strive towards Christ’s vision for his Church: one, holy, catholic (as in universal), apostolic Church.

Unfortunately, differences in doctrine often inhibit unity of all Christians. Sometimes, I think these differences are more perceived differences rather than truly different beliefs. A prime example of this is the issue of faith and works. The more I read about this topic, the more convinced I become that the biggest difference among denominations of Christianity when it comes to this topic is the vocabulary used. However, I wanted to gather up insight from other Christians so I can gain a broader perspective.

I am asking Christians from all denominations (or no denomination at all) to fill out this survey. I would also really appreciate it if people would share the survey (or this post). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

I will be starting a multi-week series on this topic this Fall using this information. I will be using the responses from this survey in my writing. By filling out the survey, you are agreeing to the responses being used.

You are welcome to respond to the posts I write, and if you write a response post, I’d be happy to link it on my blog if you email it to me*.

Instructions for the Survey

Please fill out as much of the as you are comfortable with. You are welcome to skip anything you don’t want to answer. There are 4 sections that require a response (the first section is just a brief explanation of the survey while the four sections that follow are the ones that actually ask the questions).

The second section asks for your name and blog page. This information is completely optional. I am asking for it so I can properly attribute quotes. If you complete two of the three sections that follow this one, I will share your blog** regardless if I use an actual quote or not. If you do not want to be linked back to your comments, please do not enter information in this section of the survey.

The third section asks what you think Catholics believe. There is no research required; just write what you think. It is ok to be wrong. It is Ok to disagree with it. I’m looking for honest perspectives.

The fourth section asks what your denomination believes. Please note that the denomination is the only required question in this entire survey. The survey will not submit if you don’t answer that question. If you don’t want to answer, just choose “other.” I know some of this information is available online, but I wanted to get more straight-forward answers.

The fifth and final section asks what you personally believe.


*Explanation of how I will share your response

  1. You must e-mail me the link to your post.
  2. You must tell me which post you are responding to.
  3. You cannot use vulgar language.
  4. I will create a new post with the following structure:
    1. A link to my original post
    2. A summary of your response with a link to your post
    3. My response to your response
  5. I will post it within two weeks of receiving your response.
  6. I will email you a link to my response.


If you wish to remain anonymous, you are welcome to email me a response instead with a note explaining you wish to remain anonymous. I will share your response in full, write my response, and e-mail you a link back.

**Explanation of how I will share your blog

  1. You must have filled out 2 of the last 3 sections of my survey. I would greatly appreciate if you completed all three, but two is enough to get shared.
  2. Your blog cannot contain content that is contrary to Christian values.
  3. Your blog cannot contain unjust attacks on the Catholic Church.
  4. You must include a link to your blog in the appropriate section of the survey.
  5. I will be making a post thanking everyone who completed the survey. It will be organized as follows:
    1. People who completed all three sections AND shared this post or the survey on a social media platform (you must tag me so I know)
    2. People who completed two of the three sections AND shared this post or the survey on a social media platform (you must tag me so I know)
    3. People who completed all three sections
    4. People who completed two of the three sections

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