You are Mine: The Christian Meaning of Life

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Back in April, I wrote about my journey in shaping my Catholic faith. In it, I mention how I found healing at a SEEK conference.

I was fortunate enough to be able to share more to that story, specifically God’s words to me during Adoration, in a guest post on Sarah E. Koontz’s blog.


On the final evening of the SEEK conference back in 2015, I found myself experiencing that familiar feeling of isolation and loneliness.

In a room full of people, I felt like the only person under water. Struggling for breath.

I drifted to the makeshift chapel in one of the small conference rooms of the hotel.

I looked at our Lord, there in the True Presence, and described what was going on in my heart.

I talked about how broken and lonely and lost I was feeling, and I begged Him to tell me what to do.

To my surprise and wonder, He answered.

It wasn’t a loud booming voice or a mysterious wind; God spoke to me by making three simple words overtake my mind.

“You are mine.”

Most people would’ve just stopped there; hearing God speak so clearly would’ve been enough.

I, however, wasn’t satisfied with His answer.


You can read the rest of my conversation with God and how it is still relevant 2.5 years later on Sarah’s blog.

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