Book Review: Unplanned

I first heard about Abby Johnson at a SEEK conference. Until that point, I had been somewhat indifferent about abortion. I had this vague opinion that it was wrong, but wasn’t sure that I should speak out about it. It is pretty impossible to continue to hold that opinion, or at least it was for[…]

Book Review: Abortion

Abortion by Trent Horn claims to “deepen your understanding of this critical moral issue and give you the knowledge you need to explain it to others.” Trent Horn is one of the best pro-life apologists, and this book is no exception. There were a lot of great things about this book. Horn addressed a number[…]

My Least Favorite Pro-Life Argument

Abby Johnson is a great model of how the pro-life movement should be. Three things I love about her are her telling pro-lifers to not mislead people with bad information, her passion for helping people, especially women who are victims of the abortion industry, and her willingness to call out pro-lifers who misrepresent the pro-life[…]